Adventure Camp



2019 Adventure Camp Schedule

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Late pick up available until 5:45 p.m.)
(Some adventure days require an early drop off and a later pick up. Campers will be notified prior to the week of camp)

$210 per week + $75 excursion fee
($75 covers ALL equipment rental, 3rd party fees and other excursion expenses)
Note:Weeks 2 and 7 are 4 day weeks. The camp fees are prorated $168 & $60.
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ADV 2019 
Waiver Information
All campers must fill out waivers for Adventure Camp. Please fill out all necessary waivers for the weeks you are attending under the "Waivers" tab.

"Mom, I'm bored. There’s nothing to do." If you've ever heard your child say that, then we have an adventure for you! "Bored" is never heard at Soul Adventures, a new summer camp for 10-14 year-olds.

Imagine these experiences:

  • Kayaking
  • Paintball
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling

Not to mention:

  • Rope courses
  • Paddle boarding
  • Archery
  • Rock wall
  • Trail biking

Combine these exploits with a powerful daily devotion time, and you have the recipe for an adventure that might just last a lifetime. In short, there is nothing typical about Soul Adventures summer camp. Last year we visited over 60 different locations in 48 days! Every day is a new adventure! So, turn off the video games, step out of your comfort zone, and come experience summer like never before.

A Typical Week in Adventure Camp

The Staples

Each week we have 3 staple activities that we typically include: Kayaking, Paddle Boarding and Biking. We rarely go to the same spot twice, with over 60 locations to rotate through. We do a variety of other activities, depending on location, that have included but are not limited to, fishing, cast-netting for bait, races, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, flag football, beach soccer, nature hikes, swimming, snorkeling, seining and more.

3rd Party Excursions

At least once a week we go on a 3rd party adventure. We work closely with several partners in the area to provide a variety of unique learning opportunities for our campers to enjoy. This year’s 3rd party adventures include: Sailing; Paintball; Crystal Springs Preserve; Ropes Course; Foot Golf; TreeUmph; Adventure Island; Airheads; Egmont Key; Vertical Ventures; Go-Karting.  A brief description on each can be found below.

Large Group

Once a week we like to bring all the campers and leaders together for a large group activity.  Sometimes this is done on a 3rd party outing, or sometimes we have an adventure day of games and events, typically at a beach or island. Campers get to spend a more relaxed time with new friends, choose from a variety of activities and just chill.


SA 2

The Staple Activities

Campers will have the opportunity to discover and explore the abundant biking trails in the area. We visit a variety of paved and forest trails. We have a fleet of high end Fuji mountain bikes of varying sizes to suit all campers. The forest trails we ride have multiple trails suitable for all skill levels. Most campers are not used to off-road trails at first, so one group typically stays on the beginner trails. The more experienced riders will have an opportunity to ride some of the intermediate trails. Campers are sized and fitted to their own bikes and are given basic instruction and a skills test, before setting out on a leader guided ride. After riding we typically find somewhere to swim on the way home in either a spring, the ocean or a pool.

Kayaking trips vary from bay, mangrove tunnels, inter-coastal island hopping, rivers and springs. Depending on the location we may also be snorkeling, fishing, swimming or all three. Campers are instructed on the basics of Kayaking as well as open water safety. We primarily use sit-on-top tandem Kayaks which are extremely stable, and the effort can be shared. Campers are involved in the whole experience, from equipment selection and set up in the morning, executing the adventure, to clean up and pack up at the end of the day.

Paddle Boarding
Campers are taught the basic skills and intermediate skills of paddle boarding. We utilize a variety of locations and typically complement paddle boarding with other activities like fishing, beach volleyball, island hopping etc. The paddle boards are cross functional and convert into kayaks if the wind picks up or if the camper gets tired and needs a break. They are extremely stable and the ideal platform to provide a great all-round experience. We paddle board in the bay, inter-coastal and at the springs & rivers.

Bay Boat & Fishing 
Soul Adventures now owns and utilizes a custom 23’ Hanson bay boat to compliment our campers’ experience in the intracoastal. The boat provides an ideal platform for fishing, as well as, transportation to and from island destinations. Kept at Marker 1 in Dunedin, the boat wil be used to compliment daily adventures on the water.

Beach Days
Beach days will vary by locations and activities and will be full of fun. Activities may include: fishing, snorkeling, boating, sailing, kayaking, adventure games and more.




3rd Party Activities

CQ Tactical Laser Tag - NEW!
With room after room of hiding spaces and tight corners, this is Close Quarter tactical laser tag to the fullest. With a variety of missions unique to each session, you will work as a team; formulate strategies; problem solve and have a blast.

Skyzone - NEW!
An indoor adventure park and gym with a variety of attractions to suit all: Trampolines, Skyslam, Ultimate Dodgeball, Foam Zone, Sky Joust, Ninja Warrior Course, Warped Wall, Rock Walls, Slack Lines and more.

Laser Ops Extreme Gaming Arcade - NEW!
A new family friendly entertainment center in Tampa that boasts 24,000 square feet of mind blowing fun. Their motto is “Put Yourself in the Game”. This venue promises to be different than anything you have seen before, with Tactical Laser Tag; Archery Tag; Virtual Reality Gaming and Bazooka Ball.

Tactical Laser Tag: Teams face-off in an extremely fun and challenging game of tag utilizing
specially designed taggers that give feedback to players while utilizing a special scoring system.
The arena is a 8,000 square foot battlefield made for fun with special obstacles and challenges
along the way.

Archery Tag: Introduces individuals to the sport of archery through a safe, fun and unique
archery experience. The players use bows with modified safety arrows with soft padded tips.
Teams of 6 face off in the astro turf arena in a game similar to dodge ball and score points
according to hits and an in-game scoring system. Gamers use specially designed facemasks for

Bazooka Ball: The most awesome combination of Laser Tag and Paintball! Played inside
with regular paintball markers that fire foam balls. Players wear impact sensor vests with real
time electronic scoring and sound effects.

2 Infinity
Defy gravity at one of the coolest facilities in America. Over 50,000 square feet of connected, world-class trampolines in a 60,000 square feet facility. The trampoline grid features over 60 trampolines, including the famous angled wall trampolines, launching decks and a few surprises. Activities include: Ninja Obstacle Course; Extreme Dodgeball; Air Dunk; Slack Line; Trapeze; Aerial Skills & Foam Pits.

Campers will learn the basics and necessary skills in an academic environment, as well as practical on the water experience. The program will include basic theory, boat terminology, sailing terms as well as practical seamanship skills. We will be learning with a high emphasis on safety, while having a fun and enjoyable experience. Participants will learn to rig, steer, and trim sails on different types of sailboats. Other elements of the instruction will include weather and water conditions, as well as caring for the environment and marine life.  Learning the skills of sailing helps individuals learn more about problem solving and teamwork, and develop more self-confidence and skills that help in day to day life experiences. Sailing has something for everyone.

We utilize a family-run facility with 7 different paintball fields; Woodsball, Speedball, Hyperball and their premiere field, Fort Freedom, an Attack and Defend Field, with the ONLY free standing 3,300 sq ft two story fort in the area. We have a private booking so the only players we encounter are from Soul Adventures. Campers will get their adrenaline pumping as they work as a team to complete a variety of challenges.

A combination of soccer and golf that is played with a regulation soccer ball on a converted 9 & 18 hole golf course.  The rules closely correspond to the rules of golf and are played on shortened holes with 21-inch diameter cups. Lace up, step up and let it fly.






SA 5


Adventure Island
A fun day of water slides and tube rides at the Adventure Island water theme park!

Egmont Key
Island Day; Boat Ride; Snorkeling the grass flats and/or Ruins; Exploring; Fishing and more.  A pontoon boat will take campers over to Egmont Key where we will spend the day. We set up base camp, explore the old forts, ruins and trails. We catch bait and try our hand at fishing and play games on the beach. Before lunch, our pontoon returns to take us on a snorkeling excursion. After lunch we have some more time to play or chill on the island and in the water before the ferry picks us up to return to the mainland. Tampa Bay Ferry has partnered with Soul Adventures and delivers us to the island 1½ hours before the public and picks us up after the regular ferry is done for the day.

Vertical Ventures
A fun and unique indoor adventure climbing gym. Campers will get basic instruction on climbing and safety. Leaders will belay the campers as they choose from a vast array of challenges and walls that simulate various styles of climbing.

Campers, start your engines!  They will enjoy the challenge of thrilling races around an indoor track, Grand Prix style.

Tree Hoppers
There's nothing like a day at Tree Hoppers Aerial Adventure Park. Up in the trees you will find a series of platforms interwoven and connected by cable, wood, rope and zip lines to and from different elements. Choose from 8 different courses from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Progress through the courses or do your favorite course over and over.